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At ESSEC, the professor is at the core of a system designed to create knowledge through cross fertilization between teaching, cutting-edge research and our relationships with our corporate partners. This system allows us to produce quality research – in terms of academic rigor and the highest international standards of excellence – that is innovative, relevant and shapes practices for businesses, organizations, policy-makers and civil society.

This process of knowledge creation helps to bridge the gap between academic research and business practices, while also shaping the way we teach our students.

To truly innovate, we need to build bridges. Therefore, ESSEC seeks to act as a catalyst for interaction between continents, cultures, and disciplines. We want to create synergies between different forms of teaching and research, as well as between different types of institutions – academic, public, and private – to fuel understanding and action.

At the end of the day, ESSEC brings multiple factors together, encouraging interactions between research, management, technology and society, and allowing students in undergraduate, graduate and training programs to understand the various technological, environmental, social, and ethical issues facing the world today.” 

Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi.     

Vincenzo Esposito-Vinzi, Dean of Faculty     








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