Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships

Anticipate together the challenges of the future

The spirit of openness and sharing is an inherent feature of the relations of the School with companies and organisations, long since partners of ESSEC and which play an essential role in the School’s development. Throughout the year, ESSEC offers companies the possibility to meet its graduates and propose them recruitment opportunities. Our partner companies and organisations are also invited to contribute to research and learning, for example through the creation of Chairs.


Nicolas Burckel, ESSEC Corporate Relations Department 


      • Allocating French training tax

The 3,000 Training Tax partner companies of ESSEC provide almost 20% of ESSEC’s budget (excluding executive education).

The Training Tax is the only tax that companies can give to the school(s) of their choice. Created in 1925, it is an obligation and it represents 0.5% of gross wages and salary bill.

By allocating your training tax to ESSEC, you join the Corporate Partners Club lien pdf and benefit from the advantages of our gratitude programme. 

Participate in the creation of a Chair

Resulting from the coming together of a demand from one or several patron companies and the academic skills of ESSEC, the creation of a Chair enables your company to be placed at the heart of research and learning.

Becoming a corporate patron

Each year, many companies and private individuals participate in ESSEC’s development by providing their financial contribution in the form of corporate patronage.

This fiscally beneficial contribution enables companies to be associated with  ESSEC’s development strategy, particularly on an international level. donation fiscality

·       Participate in the Corporate Consulting Project

This is a course that is part of the 1st-year ESSEC Grande Ecole curriculum. Between January and June you will monitor the work of a group of students carrying out a tangible survey assignment you will have entrusted to them.

·       Participate in Imagination Week

·       Participate in Digital Week

Each year in January, Digital Week is a competition inviting students to propose a digital strategy based on briefs provided by companies.


Today, ESSEC counts more than 700 companies as partners. To meet the specific needs of its partners, ESSEC proposes a full range of services:

  • Recruit a student under apprenticeship:

In 1993 ESSEC Business School became one of the first management schools to offer its students apprenticeship opportunities. Since then, more than 5,000 students have been trained through the scheme and over 1,000 businesses and organizations have welcomed ESSEC apprentices. The school has spent the last 20 years developing degree programs that alternate in-company experience with coursework, leveraging the synergy between the school and businesses in training future managers. The scheme is based on mentoring: students are guided both by a professional expert and an ESSEC tutor (a professor or graduate) in an experiential learning approach. In addition to acquiring professional skills (two thirds of students are offered their first job by the company that trained them as an apprentice), apprenticeships are paid and help students finance their studies.


  • Participate in recruitment events and fairs

24th September 2015 - London
Forum for careers in Finance in partnership with CentraleSupélec

15th October 2015 - Cergy
International careers Forum
International Finance Forum
Jobs in Consulting Forum

 7th November 2015 - Shanghai
Career Fair in partnership with CentraleSupélec

8th December 2015 - La Défense
Jobs in Law Forum

 2nd and 3rd February 2016 - Cergy
Forum Start Up & Growth Companies
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 24th May 2016 - CNIT La Défense
Forum dedicated to the training and employment of people with disabilities in partnership with

  • Contribute to the creation of grants programmes and support ESSEC in its national and international recruitment of talented students.
  • Become a Handicap partner with ESSEC, committed to the integration of disabled persons 

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