Social responsibility is central to ESSEC’s mission

Since its creation, ESSEC has supported equal opportunity, diversity, and environmental responsibility, while striving to have a positive impact on local communities. Our commitment to training responsible managers is evident every day, and unites and inspires the ESSEC community as a whole.  

 As one of the first institutions in France to offer an  apprenticeship program, to open its doors to women, to launch an equal opportunities program for disadvantaged youths, as well as Antropia, the first social incubator in France, ESSEC has been a pioneer for social responsibility. More recently, ESSEC has also launched several research chairs dedicated to sustainable development and responsibility: the Real Estate and Sustainable Development Chair, the Leadership and Diversity Chair, the Therapeutic Innovation Chair, and the Complexity Chair, etc. 

 Furthermore, through the Management and Society Center of Excellence, ESSEC  embraces the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) and its founding principle: Management Education FOR the World. According to the 50+20 project published by this international organization in 2012, management education is in need of a radical transformation if the leaders of tomorrow are to address critical environmental, societal, and economic challenges.

 How can we question the dominant, economic logic? What should be the aim of business? What is responsible leadership? These are some of the questions students should be learning to ask. At ESSEC, this means designing programs that encourage open mindedness and responsibility, immersing students in an international environment, and familiarizing them with innovative companies as well as charitable organizations. Our goal is to give students a global vision, enrich their understanding of the world, and stimulate their desire to create positive change.

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