ESSEC builds a presence in Singapore

ESSEC builds a presence in Singapore

Located in the district of Nepal Hill, the new Asia Pacific ESSEC campus was inaugurated on May 4

108 years after its creation, and 10 years after it first began to build a presence in Singapore, ESSEC is now anchored in the Asia Pacific region thanks to this beautiful new campus in Nepal Hill. Our institution is today firmly established within a pioneering country at the economic epicenter and cultural crossroads of the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

With 6500 m² dedicated to research, knowledge creation, and transmission, ESSEC is set to become a major player on the Singaporean academic landscape, in undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs. In the future, this campus will be equipped to welcome nearly 1,500 students and managers annually, who will be able to benefit from these facilities, and the support of the campus’ professors and researchers. This new location will also aid ESSEC as it offers insights to local businesses looking to grow and develop.

With this campus, ESSEC wants to underscore its singularity, in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. And to do so, we’re redoubling our commitment to cutting-edge, relevant, and impactful research – that which feeds into all of our activities as a higher-education institution. And we’re redoubling our commitment to the academic freedom of our students as they find their own career path founded on a constant interaction between academic learning and practical experience. This is what is what we call «learning by doing», a concept which has generated interest in Singapore.

Now established on two continents, our goal is to offer our insights while contributing to a dialogue and mutual understanding between economies, societies, and cultures. By doing this, our aim is to help both students and partners understand the nuanced differences between Asia and Europe, and enable them to identify and seize every opportunity.

While we remain proud of our French roots, ESSEC today becomes a Bi-Continental, multipolar institution, focused on building bridges between Asia and Europe. This is also ESSEC’s Pioneering Spirit!

Celebrating the new Singapore campus

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Lunch & Learn : Growing Business in Asia, Focus on Singapore, on May 5
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