Classes in the ESSEC Global BBA: First-year Global BBA students share their experience


student ambassadors Akarsh Thodupunuri and Bryan Blanchot tell us more about their Entrepreneurship and Marketing classes. Follow their journey in the Global BBA program on Facebook!

Entrepreneurship Classes

“Since the very first lesson, all of us have been full of zeal and enthusiasm in Prof. Kevyn Yong’s classes. During our Entrepreneurship classes, we do various simulations that test our leadership qualities, such as the “Everest Simulation” where our entire class was divided into groups of five, and we had to work towards a goal of making it to the summit and making informed decisions regarding resources on hand. The second simulation tested our decision-making skills, and involved us studying a business case with statistics. These simulations not only develop our soft skills, but also build on our communication skills.” - Akarsh Thodupunuri

Marketing Classes

“Throughout the duration of our Marketing classes last semester, we were asked by Prof. Reetika Gupta to split ourselves into different marketing teams. We then had an ongoing project during the semester which involved developing a new product or service for an existing brand in an emerging market and coming up with a marketing strategy to promote it. We even realized an ad to promote our idea. It’s really important for me as a student to feel that I will be ready to join companies after graduation, and this kind of exercise contributes to it. Having the possibility to simulate a real corporate environment and having some great and useful feedback by Prof. Gupta is what learning-by-doing really means at ESSEC.” - Bryan Blanchot

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